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5 ways you can use your Instagram account to get a raise

When your Instagram photos have a lot of people posting them, they’re easy to find.

But when it comes to getting a promotion or raising your profile, you may have to be more creative with your images.

Here are five ways to do it that don’t involve getting into a fight with someone over a caption.


Create your own caption The easiest way to get some more exposure is to take the advice of a trusted Instagram influencer and create a caption that is something you yourself created.

But this isn’t always possible.

The caption has to be something people can relate to.

For example, “my husband’s dog”.

It could be something that relates to the breed of the dog, like “dog is a brown-haired black and white dog”.

You could also create a tag that can be shared across multiple accounts, like “@mydogtags”, and add a hashtag.


Use your own photo You can also create your own image, either with a photo from your own life, or one of someone else’s.

But, be aware that these images can be seen by a wider audience than the ones you create yourself.

For instance, if you share a photo of yourself on Instagram and then upload it to your own account, it could end up appearing on people’s feeds.


Use hashtags to get noticed More than one way to create an image is also possible, but if you create a hashtag that you’re not familiar with, then it may end up attracting attention.

For this reason, hashtags are often considered a way to make your images more widely known.


Make your own tag When using hashtags, be sure to include at least one tag that relates back to your Instagram profile.

You can create these tags as a hashtag for your own posts, for example “mydogtag”.

But, if people are only interested in one tag, it may not be enough to create a hashtagged tag.

Instead, you can create a new tag and then tag people who share your tag.

For some hashtags you may only want to share one image, for others you may want to add multiple photos to your tag, for instance “my-dogtag-1”.


Use a background image to draw attention You can even use your own background to draw people’s attention to your content.

This is something that Instagram has done with the new Instagram filter, and it’s very popular.

However, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll need to be a bit creative with this technique, and if it doesn’t work, it can be frustrating.