A $3,000 salary for a computer consultant

With the hiring of more than 3,000 software engineers, Accenture Consulting Group (ACG) has seen its workforce grow to over 4,500, with its hiring rate in excess of 70% in 2017.

As part of the company’s ongoing effort to hire more engineers, the firm recently opened a new position that it is calling the “computer consultant” position.

The company will provide an individual with a salary of $3.50 an hour, with a $1,500 bonus for each year worked.

The position will require a background in IT or software engineering.

The salary for this position is based on the number of years worked, the number that the individual has completed the software engineer program and the experience level.

For the most recent cohort, this position provides an annual salary of about $30,000.

The position is currently open for a full year.ACG will provide training for new hires, including the ability to complete the software engineering program, according to the firm.

“The software engineer is a critical part of our organization and we want our current software engineers to be successful in their careers,” said CFO and CEO John Hirsch.

“As we continue to grow our software engineering team, we’re going to provide our employees with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the future.”ACG has long sought to hire software engineers and its new position is one of the first time that the firm has taken a position specifically in the field of computer software.

“In 2018, we saw a huge surge in demand for software engineers,” said Hirsch in a statement.

“We want to continue to bring on new talent to build our technology-focused software and we’re thrilled to expand our positions in this field.”

The firm is also working to hire other software engineers in order to keep up with demand.