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A ‘crazed’ doctor and his team at the top of the list for medical malpractice lawsuit

The most recent high-profile malpractice case in Delaware has been a lawsuit against a doctor at the state’s top medical school, a dispute that has already taken the nation by storm.

But a different doctor, and a different team of attorneys, are the real threat here, and the story of the Delaware malpractice crisis has more in common with the history of the American system than any one man.

The case: The man who has been dubbed the “father of medical mal-practice” by some is also the one most likely to make headlines in the future.

The Delaware Attorney General’s office has sued the doctor, Dr. John Delaney, alleging he and his staff at the University of Delaware have violated the state medical malpractices law and have caused the state to lose millions of dollars.

The suit claims Delaney is responsible for millions of people losing their jobs, including doctors who had previously treated them for medical conditions that were not the result of the patient’s actions.

The state’s medical schools, which are run by the state and state regulators, are supposed to provide quality medical care.

They are also the largest source of state jobs, with the state having the third largest number of registered doctors.

But in recent years, the number of people seeking care at the schools has skyrocketed, with a recent survey of 500 state medical school graduates found that just 14 percent of them had ever had their condition treated by a physician.

Delaney, the medical school dean, is also one of the most powerful and powerful people in the state, and he has had a long history of lawsuits.

He was a plaintiff in a high-stakes class action lawsuit that resulted in the dismissal of one of Delaware’s largest insurance companies, and has been one of two men behind one of its largest health insurers, which had to take the insurance company to court after it claimed that the insurer’s policies included exclusions that didn’t apply to Delaney and his associates.

Delays in filing lawsuits were a major problem for Delaney in his tenure as dean.

In 2012, the state filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing Delaney of using his influence to avoid filing lawsuits.

Delaney responded by saying that his lawyers had done everything they could to get the lawsuits dismissed and that the lawsuit was a frivolous lawsuit.

A year later, in 2014, Delaney was charged with insider trading, a felony, and pleaded guilty.

Delayes case was settled out of court and he was sentenced to a year in prison.

In response to the news of the pending lawsuit, the Delaware Senate Judiciary Committee announced on Thursday that it will hold a hearing next week on whether to subpoena Delaney.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Sen. Jeff Sissel, a Republican from Delaware’s second-largest city, Wilmington, called the allegations “horrific,” but said he was confident that Delaney would cooperate with any investigation.

“It’s hard to believe, but it’s not just a medical malo-plastic,” he said.

“He is a man of integrity.

He has to do what he’s got to do to stay in office.

If he doesn’t want to cooperate, we have to get him out of the office.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.