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BSM Consulting to join BSM cover letter business group

BSM, the Israel-based consulting firm that focuses on business management and strategy, will join the BSM business group, the company said.

The group’s members will include BSM clients as well as partners, executives and other stakeholders.

The move is expected to add BSM to a list of BSM-affiliated companies.

The BSM Group, the umbrella group for the group, has been a leading provider of business management consulting services since 2005.

It has a strong presence in Europe and the United States, and has offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and New York.

The company’s clients range from startups to large companies.

Its business strategy is focused on “creating a more balanced, productive and sustainable business environment in the business of Israeli and Israeli-related enterprises,” BSM said in a statement.

“This includes promoting the continued growth of the Israeli economy, including in the areas of the agriculture, energy, health and construction sectors.”

In addition to BSM and BSM consulting, the group includes consulting services from BSM’s head of consulting services and BSP’s chief operating officer.

In addition, BSM also works with BSP on business and strategic planning and is involved in its management and governance.

BSM has a presence in the United Kingdom and the European Union, where it also has offices.

In 2016, the Israeli-based BSM opened a new office in Jerusalem.

Its headquarters are located in a residential neighborhood of Jerusalem, close to the Western Wall.

The Jerusalem Post is owned by Globes Israel.

It covers the Israeli and Palestinian territories, the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

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