Cuckold Consultant*consultant*financial Consultant*consultation Election Cuckold Consultant McKenzie’s $1 Million Salary Is Priced Too High, Says His Former Co-Worker

Cuckold Consultant McKenzie’s $1 Million Salary Is Priced Too High, Says His Former Co-Worker

Cuckolds are the new “theirs,” but what happens when the husbands of the elite have enough money to indulge their own fantasies and then demand to be taken care of?

That’s exactly what McKenzie’s former co-worker, Daniel, tells us in his exclusive interview with us.

He also offers a few tips on what to expect from McKenzie when he retires from the game.


It’s all about the money.

Daniel McKenzie told us that he has already secured the rights to two of his characters and that he’s confident that the rest will be written off by the end of the year.

The former professional wrestler was offered a six-figure salary in 2012, but he refused to accept it.

Instead, he decided to focus on his other three characters, one of whom he’ll have to kill.


The business side of the game is not for the faint of heart.

McKenzie told Entertainment Weekly that he and his co-workers have never experienced such a dramatic turnover in their careers, but it’s worth it.

“This is what I love about Cuckoo’s Nest,” he said.

“You’re not just working for one character.

There’s a ton of other characters.

You’re working for a team.

You get to be the head of that team.”

“When you get the chance to do something like this, it’s just like you’re in a dream, and you’re just going to keep doing it.

You don’t get tired.

You have to keep going.

And if you can keep going for five or six years, then you’ve done it.

It makes you feel really good.

And that’s why I like it.”


He’ll have a hard time convincing his wife that he needs to work.

When asked if McKenzie would want to continue working, Daniel replied, “I don’t think so.

I wouldn’t want to.”

McKenzie, who’s married to former WWE Diva Naomi, will retire from the entertainment industry in 2019, but his wife said they’ll always be together.

“It’s just something that she would love to see us do,” he told us.

“I think it would be awesome to work with her and work with other people in the industry.”


There are no guarantees.

Daniel said that he’ll continue to work on his two characters, but that he can’t promise anything in terms of what they’ll be able to do.

“We don’t have a guarantee,” he says.

“If I don’t do my job, if the writers don’t make sense, or if they do a poor job, then I have to step down.

And so it’s a real battle.

But I do think that, when I do retire, I’ll definitely do what I think is the right thing.

But you never know.”


It’ll be hard for his wife to forgive him.

“When it comes to being in a relationship with someone that’s been this rich for so long, I think they have to forgive me for my mistakes,” he continued.

“But I think I can forgive them for all the things that I’ve done that they can’t forgive me, and I know that’s what I will do.”


He might have to wait for another job to be rich again.

McKenzie’s wife, Naomi, is a professional athlete who’s known for her athletic prowess.

When she first saw her husband in the ring, she asked, “You think you’re so good?”

McKenzie responded, “Of course.”

“She’s going to say that,” Daniel said.

Daniel’s wife is not afraid of being “sucked into a relationship” with someone who has had a long history of being rich, so she knows that she’ll never get another chance to play.

But Daniel’s plan is to continue to take care of Naomi and the children he has.

“My wife’s really excited about her kids,” Daniel told us, “because I think it’s really important to be a good parent.

I mean, I want to make sure that they have good schools, and we can get them into good colleges.

I’m just going back to work and making sure that I’m doing the right things.”


He won’t be happy if he loses a game of basketball or golf.

“Because you can’t just play a game and be happy about it,” Daniel explained.

“The whole thing about being in the game of Cuckoos Nest is that you have to win it.

If you lose it, you lose the game.”

He’s already set his sights on his next project.

“Right now, it would seem like I’m really trying to make my own way in the world,” Daniel tells us.

But, he adds, “It’ll be good to go back to doing the things I love. It