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How to win the election: Get your candidates on your side

The Election Day polls are still open.

But they have tightened considerably, with the first official polls showing Clinton leading by nearly 20 points.

The Clinton campaign, which is fighting a bitterly fought, divisive primary, is still reeling from the surprise defeat of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, a defeat that has sparked widespread outrage and led to calls for an independent commission to investigate whether the Democratic Party conspired to help elect Trump.

The final vote count in the general election, which will likely be decided by the state’s 16 electoral votes, was 6,948 to 6,814 on Tuesday.

The margin was less than half that of the 2012 race, when former President Barack Obama carried the state by 2,946 votes, according to exit polls.

That race saw former President Mitt Romney take Massachusetts by 2 million votes, while President Trump lost the state to Democrat Hillary Clinton by about 1 million votes.

But the difference in votes between Trump and Clinton was larger than the margin of victory for either candidate.

In 2012, Republicans were able to claim a majority in the state legislature and the governor’s mansion and hold both offices.

Trump won in 2016 by only 628 votes, with Clinton claiming the state with nearly 5.3 million voters.

But that was an anomaly, and Democrats were able take over the state House and governor’s office in 2018 and recapture the state house in 2019.

The new election results could mean that Democrats may have to take a harder line on some of the more contentious issues facing the country.

Clinton’s allies are expected to be pushing for increased gun control legislation, a ban on transgender people serving in the military, and an increase in funding for public colleges and universities.

The election of a Democratic president is the biggest electoral prize in the country’s history, and Trump has repeatedly criticized the election process and called for a “rigged” system of elections.

But Trump’s supporters, including those in the GOP who are trying to push for the election of someone other than Clinton, have long argued that they should be allowed to vote for whomever they want.