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New healthcare consultancy hires the brains behind a ‘bionic arm’

The new healthcare consulting firm hires the brain behind a “bionic hand” that can lift a patient from a wheelchair into a chair.

The move, announced today, comes at a time when technology is rapidly changing the way patients are treated in hospitals and doctors are turning their attention to augmenting their capabilities with technology.

The new company, Neurocognitive Technologies, which was founded by former Google executive Scott Sauer, is part of a growing trend in healthcare and technology companies to employ former doctors.

The company has created a suite of software products that can help doctors better diagnose patients and perform tasks that are beyond their capabilities.

It is one of several companies that have recently created “bionics” in an effort to improve health outcomes and save money.

Neurocognitive is currently focused on helping healthcare organizations and other health care providers identify and treat patients with chronic illnesses.

The firm is developing a suite that helps physicians identify patients who need specialized care and provide personalized health information for those patients.

The company says it has created software to help doctors determine the patient’s “mental and physical state” and “prevent the patient from getting sick in the first place.”

The software can identify a patient with a history of multiple concussions or depression, a person who has a history or is about to develop one, a patient who is being treated for diabetes or an older person with Alzheimer’s disease, the company says.

The software also can help physicians assess the patient for “high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and certain types of kidney disease,” the company explains.

Neurocognition can be used in combination with other medical technology, such as a CT scan, to help clinicians better assess the underlying cause of a patient’s condition, the firm says.

Neocognitive CEO and cofounder John Stauffer told Business Insider in a statement that he thinks the new technology can help healthcare organizations better understand and treat people with complex conditions.

“By using the latest neuroscience, medical imaging and biotechnology to better understand a patient, we can better identify potential causes of the illness and tailor our care to the patient, as well as to optimize our patient outcomes,” Stauffe said.

“In addition, by incorporating our software in the doctor’s office, we’ll be able to provide personalized treatment and monitoring for our patients, and the patients themselves.”

Stauffer says he is looking forward to working with healthcare organizations to use the technology to help them find patients with a specific problem.

“With our software, we will be able improve our understanding of a complex patient, allowing us to make decisions on the patient based on their needs,” he said.

The news comes as the number of people who are living with a disability in the United States has nearly doubled since the early 1990s.

About 16 million people are living in a disability-related hospital bed.

The number of Americans with disabilities in general has increased by more than 100 million since 2000.