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Russian jets strike Syrian forces in Homs, Homs Governor says

Homs, Syria — Russian jets pounded Syrian forces Tuesday in a second day of military operations against insurgents in Homs governorate, state-run media reported.

The state-owned TASS news agency quoted the governor of Homs, Omran al-Zoubi, as saying that Russian warplanes targeted military targets in Homs and Hama provinces in the south.

Al-Zoulbi said Russia also struck the town of Zayd in the west of Homs.

He did not provide any other details.

Russian forces also hit the city of al-Qaboun in the east of Homs on Tuesday, the state-affiliated Syrian Arab News Agency said.

Russian planes also carried out raids on military positions and other military targets, according to the agency.

Syrian rebels seized control of the provincial capital, Homs, in 2014 and have been fighting to extend their control in the country.

Russia has been supporting the Syrian government, which has been fighting the rebels for years.

Russia, a major oil exporter, has backed the government and has also deployed troops in the region.

Syrian troops and their Russian allies have been on the offensive since mid-April.

The United States, a longtime ally of Russia, has imposed economic sanctions on Syria in retaliation for the crackdown.

The U.S. also imposed additional sanctions on Tuesday.

The measures include a ban on U.N. arms sales to the Syrian regime, which Moscow has accused of using the sanctions to cover up the use of chemical weapons.

The Syrian government has denied using chemical weapons and accused the West of orchestrating the attacks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he does not intend to retaliate against the U.K. or the U-S.

over the attacks on Syria.