What is a ‘trinity property consultant’?

Experts in all fields of medical care have said they are struggling to find qualified professionals to fill a vacancy for Trinity Property Consultants, a new startup that promises to help people navigate the complicated and complex medical-related market.

The startup has raised more than $1 million in funding, and has been in business for more than two years, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Trinity’s site describes itself as “a platform that helps individuals, families and businesses save money, save time and reduce stress with personalized advice and guidance.”

It is a “worldwide network of more than 25,000 medical professionals, including primary care doctors, surgeons, optometrists, podiatrists, physiotherapists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, cardiology specialists, radiologists, neurosurgeons, osteopathic physicians, neuropsychologists, dentists, podiatricians, orthopedic surgeons, podiatrics and podiatrician staff,” according to the site.

According to its website, Trinity has an office in Las Vegas and is located in an “overlooked part of the city.”

The company’s founder and CEO, David A. Johnson, has worked for several large healthcare companies, including Allstate, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, according a LinkedIn profile.

In addition to being a medical-services company, Trinity specializes in helping people pay their medical bills, according the LinkedIn profile, and Johnson also serves on the board of the American College of Surgeons.

The profile says he has “advanced patient care and innovation.”

Trudeau said in a statement that the government is working with the company to create a “strong pipeline of medical professionals to help Canadians make informed decisions.”

He added that Trudeau “strongly supports the development of health-care information technology and will continue to promote the technology industry to help improve healthcare access and care.”

Johnson, a former executive at a medical technology company, said in an interview last year that the startup was “a good fit for our company,” which has an existing network of about 25,500 doctors.

Johnson also said Trinity is “very committed to the health-services industry” and is looking for “a highly qualified healthcare-services professional” to join the company.

He said he is also looking for a medical information technology specialist who has a background in “social media management and digital media.”

He did not provide additional details on how much Johnson will make or when the company plans to hire someone to join his team.

Johnson has not yet announced how much he will make in the first year of Trinity’s operation.

A spokesperson for the Canadian Medical Association said in late July that the association “remains committed to continuing to provide qualified, experienced and highly motivated medical professionals with the training and expertise they need to deliver high-quality health care to Canadians.”

Earlier this year, Johnson said the medical-care sector needed “a new, high-tech approach” to “help our members better serve Canadians and our community.”

A representative for the Health Technology and Innovation Commission said the commission “has not received a request for information about the company,” but that it would be interested in hearing from “anybody that is involved with the medical technology sector.”

It is unclear if Johnson will remain with Trinity as a part-time or full-time employee.

The LinkedIn profile says Johnson is an entrepreneur and “has spent over 20 years working in the healthcare industry.”

He has also previously worked as a clinical professor at Johns Hopkins University.