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What to expect from the Lactation Consultant Certification (LCCA) in the future

The Lactations Council of India (LCI) has announced that the LCA certification process will be extended to a broader range of professions, including the nursing profession.

The LCA has been introduced to address concerns raised by the public regarding the increasing incidence of infant and child deaths and the health impacts associated with the introduction of infant formula and the subsequent rise in infant deaths and malnourishment in the country.

As per the announcement, the LCLA will now be available to the nursing professions in the nursing homes and other healthcare establishments.

This comes as a relief to the families of the many women who have been forced to go through the LACAB process as it has taken them years to get a valid certificate.

“This certification has been in the works for a while, but the government’s announcement was a relief as it gives us time to get ready,” said Suman Pandey, president of the LCCA.

The first LCLAs will be issued to nursing professionals in 2019, while a second LCL will be launched in 2021.

“In the meantime, we are looking forward to working with the government on the LACC certification, which will give us the means to address the needs of the nursing community,” said Pandey.

According to a statement by the LCCC, the aim of the certification is to give nursing professionals access to relevant knowledge and skills in the areas of breastfeeding, lactation management, paediatrics and paediatric nursing.

The certification will cover various aspects of nursing practice from the management of infants and newborns to breastfeeding and the care of infants.

The requirement of a nursing certification is for the nursing professionals to have a master’s degree in nursing and/or be in an accredited nursing school.

The government is also planning to add the LLCA to the national register of registered professional nursing, a key step towards introducing a national certification system in nursing.

Lactation consultants, who are also known as LACs, are experts who provide training to accredited nursing homes in the use of breastfeeding products and provide education about the health benefits of breastfeeding.

“The nursing profession is an industry which has been under siege for a long time and is still suffering from a lack of trained and competent professionals to deal with the demands of the changing population,” said Kannan Rana, president, LCLI.