What’s next for the Barca midfield?

The Barca defence has suffered a series of injuries to star players, with Xavi, Xavi Alonso, Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar all out of action for the time being.

And with Xabi still recovering from the thigh injury he sustained on Sunday, the Barça defence may be looking at a more difficult task against Barcelona on Saturday.

“Xavi has been out of the game for three weeks,” Barca coach Pep Guardiola said in his post-match press conference.

“It’s a lot to deal with.”

The injury is not as serious as the one that kept Neymar out of a Champions League tie with CSKA Moscow, but it will not help the team that has scored just one goal in its last four league games.

The injury will require Xavi to be rested.

“He’s out of his game, it’s a very big blow for us,” Guardiola said.

“So we’re not sure how long it will take him to be back.”

Xavi’s absence has been a blow to the defence, but Guardiola also added that Xavi is not the only one at risk.

“We’ve got a lot of players who have been injured and are going to miss games,” he said.

He added that he’s “very disappointed” with the team’s performances in recent games.

“Our defence is not good enough and it’s not going to be like this,” he added.

“In our squad, we have some good players who are good players, but the problem is we haven’t had the best luck with the players that we have.”

The defence has struggled to contain Barca in recent weeks.

Xavi and Dani Alves have both been suspended for the trip to Paris, with the latter having a thigh problem that was confirmed on Monday.

“Today, Dani Alaves was hurt, and Xavi Alves was not able to play today,” said the Catalan coach.

“I want to say that it’s our fault, that we didn’t know what to do.

We need to do better.”

And there are many players that have also been suspended due to the injury.

The only players who did not miss out on playing were Xavi in the Champions League win against Bayern Munich and Xabi in the Copa del Rey tie against Real Madrid.

Both players have since returned to training.

In the Copas del Rey clash, Xadi had to be substituted for the injured Dani Alvasco, who was also absent from the match due to injury.