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When Trump slams Juv Consulting: ‘They’re the worst people in the world’

Juv Consultants, a company that helps tech companies attract and retain talent, is closing.

The firm, which was founded by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and has a global presence, has a contract with Google to supply software to Android devices and to work on new applications.

 A statement on Juv’s website says the company has “terminated its employment agreement with Google,” but that it is looking for a new leader.

Juv, which makes software for companies including Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, was founded in 1998.

It has also been a major investor in LinkedIn, a popular social networking site.

It also has a major presence in the social media industry, where it provides marketing and sales software for brands like Coca-Cola and Marriott International.

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would sell its majority stake in Juv to Facebook for $1.7 billion.

Facebook acquired the company in 2018 for $3.9 billion.

In February, Juv reported that it was hiring a new CEO.

Its last full-time employee was an employee from a separate tech company who is no longer employed by the firm.