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Why you should hire a nanny instead of a lactation specialist

In an age of ubiquitous nannies, nursing is getting the spotlight again.

And that means it’s becoming a more attractive career choice for the more experienced, flexible professionals who want to be involved in a variety of projects.

But the question of whether or not to hire a lactating consultant isn’t really a new one.

The answer is often different for different people, and for some, it may make sense to look beyond the nanny-centric focus of the industry to see how others are going about their own business.

“In my experience, people tend to look at lactation consultants in a different way than they do other professionals who work in the field,” says Michelle Zang, a registered nurse and the director of the Nursing Education Institute at University of Pennsylvania.

“If you think about it, most nannys are not nurses.

They’re not social workers, they’re not occupational therapists, they don’t work with people who have autism.

They don’t deal with people with dementia.

They have no special training in lactation, and that’s really where the focus of their work is.”

If you’re a nurse or other nursing professionals who need help with your personal health, then your lactation needs should be taken care of by someone with a specific skill set and experience, like a personal nurse.

But if you’re just looking for someone who has experience in the industry and wants to help you find the right person, there are many ways to find someone with lactation expertise.

You could call your state’s Department of Health and Human Services, which can have lactation specialists available to assist you with your needs.

Or, you could ask your health care professional to contact a lactations consultant who is available in your area.

These types of nannias may be a good fit for you, and you should be able to find a qualified nanny who can help you get started with your own personal nursing plan.

“It’s really important that you look for people who are able to handle the workload and the challenges that nursing is in,” says Zang.

“Because you’re going to have to work on your own, and a lot of people don’t have that background.”